A list of available facilities per room/space/unit comes up if you request more information.

By making an information request via the link at the top of this page, you can select the facilities you need. We will contact you with an estimate for the space and the facilities you need as soon as possible.

Our facilities include:

  • Communication:in all units we have, or can install wifi, tv, beamer, microphone system for your presentation
  • Catering:we can serve coffee, tea, juice, small snacks, lunch, diner. Lunch and diner can be also be arranged at any of the restaurants¬†nearby, or we can have them cater for you at our premises.
  • Stage:We have stage elements (risers) to build the stage you require for your speech, for your choir, or for your orchestra.
Piano: ask about using our grand piano for your concert, and about having it tuned for your event.
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