Friends of the Pilgrimfathers’ Church

Friends of the Pilgrimfathers' Church

Foundation Friends of the Pilgrimfathers’ Church at Rotterdam-Delfshaven (Stichting Vrienden van de Oude of Pelgrimvaderskerk te Rotterdam-Delfshaven)

This foundation was established in 1994 in order to support the church in the broadest sense of the word. Preserving the church building as a monument and its development into the ecclesiastical and cultural centre of Delfshaven are its main aim.
Support by preserving, maintaining and modernising the interior of the church, as well as assisting in acquiring fundraising partners are emphasised.
In the 1990s the Foundation played a key role in the restoration of both the church organ and the church building by finding sponsors and by paying from funds raised by the “Friends” themselves. They also aided in enabling purchases for the church interior and helped to fund the mounting of the Pilgrim Presentation, the permanent exhibition about the Pilgrim Fathers, as well as the refurnishing of the Study Room and the renovation of the Klockhuys.
To continue our efforts we are very much indebted to our Friends for financial support. We would benefit greatly from gaining as many Friends as possible, not only because it means we can do more, but also because it enlarges, broadens and strengthens the support base for the church, so it can continue to be a hub of cultural activity in Delfshaven.
Therefore, please consider becoming a friend. In order to do so, send a message, preferably by e-mail, with your name, address and telephone number to the contact address below.
For the annual fee of € 25 (minimum) we will keep you informed of what is happening in the church and the foundation. Information about events that are being organised in the church can be found by navigating to the homepage of this website.

Contact Data

Stichting Vrienden van de Oude of Pelgrimvaderskerk (Foundation of Friends)
c/o P. O. Box 54562
3008 KB Rotterdam

ANBI-Data (Public Benefit Organisation)

Name: Stichting Vrienden Van De Oude Of Pelgrimvaderskerk
Established 23 August 1994; ANBI-Foundation since 2008
Fiscal Number: 8032.80.968


J.M. Vervat, chair
M.Y. van Schijndel, secretary
E.J.H. Bouwens, treasurer
S.W.A. Lak, member
S.B. de Vries, member


Remuneration of the Board: This is a voluntary organisation, the board is not paid in any way.

Objective: The foundation’s main objective is to support the Pilgrimfathers’ Church of Rotterdam-Delfshaven in the broadest sense of the word.

Activities of the Friends' Foundation in 2018

The Friends’ Foundation board was involved in a supporting role in the change of ownership of the Old or Pilgrimfathers Church from the Stichting Oude Hollandse Kerken (Foundation Old Churches in Holland, SOHK) to the Stichting Volkskracht Historische Monumenten Rotterdam (Foundation “Volkskracht” Listed Buildings Rotterdam). This transfer of ownership took place on December 14, 2017. In order to maintain and utilise the church building, in cooperation with the Volkskracht Foundation, the Stichting Beheer en Exploitatie Oude of Pelgrimvaderskerk (Foundation for Management and Utilisation of the Old or Pilgrimfathers Church, SBEOP) was established. The board of this foundation consists of an independent chair, two members from the Hervormde Gemeente Delfshaven (the congregation using the church for worship) and two members from the Friends’ Foundation. The board of this foundation convened regular meetings throughout 2018.

Within the board of the Friends’ Foundation the gavel was passed on from Bart Fock to the new chairman Hans Vervat. The vacancy for the position of secretary is to be filled in 2018/2019 in line with general developments within the organisation.
Plans to commemorate the 400th anniversary, in 2020, of the departure of the Pilgrimfathers, aboard the Speedwell from Delfshaven to the promised land, America, on July 22, 1620, are supported by special efforts from the board members. For example, in 2018 a start was made to draft plans for the modernisation of the “Pilgrim Presentation”, the permanent exhibition on view in one of the rooms of the church.

2018 also saw talks initiated, aided by the board of the Friends’ Foundation, with external agencies regarding upgrading the audio-visual facilities. This is necessary to increase rentals and optimise the use of the church, to attract symposiums, conferences  and meetings held by organisations/clubs/businesses, etc. In 2019, after due consideration, steps will be taken towards its realisation. Depending on the state of the Friends’ Foundation’s finances, they intend to contribute to this.

In 2018 all Friends were invited to the annual Friends’ Concert, held in the church. In this first year where we were still acquainting ourselves with the new situation no separate newsletter was circulated. The board of the Friends’ Foundation met often in 2018 in this transitional stage offering help with the of the management, maintenance and utilisation of the church.

Planned activities

For 2019 the following activities have been planned:

  • Fill the vacancy for a secretary for the board of the Friends’ Foundation
  • Send out at least one newsletter to the Friends
  • Decide on the matter of purchasing audio-visual facilities for the church
  • Decide on the matter of modernising the “Pilgrim Presentation”
  • Source financial support for the above two activities
  • Participate in networking partnerships and advisory bodies concerning the church
  • Participate in activities being organised to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrimfathers in 2020.